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Building Your Dreams

I hope this New Year brings about change, a new leaf being turned over and questions answered. New love, new position, new attitude and new levels are waiting to be explored by you and me. Dream BIG in 2017 my friend!

Be Inspired Today

My wife is blossoming before my very eyes. My son is looking to buy his first house in 2017. My daughter is expecting a baby boy in the summer of 2017. In other words I’m very inspired right now.

Executive Level Mentality

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou


book badge Building Your Dreams the book is designed to inspire and motivate you to believe in, initiate and accomplish your dreams, goals and visions. Executive Level Mentality was written to challenge you to change the way you see yourself and the world in which you live. The right mental makeup will improve and enhance your life. was designed as a portal to bring news, discussion, direction, opinion and humor to the world in which we live through media venues such as the world wide web, radio, television (or video) and print. We endeavor to inspire, motivate, challenge and learn from our audience, followers and pundits. Inspire to achieve; motivate to provoke change; challenge to find purpose; and learn to do it better.

We ask that you visit often, participate in the discussion through our “coming soon” podcast, blog/vlog, radio program(s), and subscribe to our “coming soon” newsletter. And purchase my books, which I believe will enlighten, encourage, delight and challenge the inner you to come out and manifest itself to the world.

"Do Good Work and Live Well My Friend."

Devin Oten