Selma and American Sniper

I recently saw the movies, Selma and American Sniper. I thought both movies captured the essence of the director’s intentions. Whether they were historically correct, I don’t know but there is much debate in the media at this time which I do not have a problem with. Why do I not have a problem with these debates? It’s American to discuss the nuances and nature of a thing, or a process or a system or just a new and better way of doing mundane and ordinary things. Not to question or discuss topics of any relevance is communist or dictatorship in nature to me!
Selma captured the struggle of a people within a nation that did not love or appreciate their contribution or humanity. What a story to try to capture in 2 hours of theater! And might I add the struggle continues. If you do not believe so you are misguided and/or plain ignorant concerning the world around you.
American Sniper captured the reason why we veterans serve our country in a military or defense capacity. It’s about love of country and family but much deeper than that; it’s about the men and women who serve next to you with courage, character, pride and dignity and mind you, some of those people in Selma served with great distinction from the Revolutionary war until today!
I love both movies and recommend you go see them. I also saw the Imitation Game recently and thought, this great mathematician changed the course of world history yet he was not celebrated until 2013. Why did it take so long? The answer is simple yet complicated; because he was homosexual. Ridiculous! He was a human being and he invented the 1st computer and he saved England and the world’s ass from Nazi domination.
What will I see next? I’m online looking now, so I will see you at the movie theater soon my friends.

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