Republicans are a mess!

“What I say is what I say.” Donald Trump
“It’s our responsibility to pick and choose who comes in.” Jeb Bush
“If I’m our nominee, we will be the party of the future.” Marco Rubio
“She counts on the fact that people are uninformed.” (referring to Hilary Clinton) Ben Carson
“We’ve got to stop this culture of government dependency.” Bobby Jindal

As I listen to the republicans debate and state their collective position for a brighter future for the U.S.A. I’m struck with one word to describe their platform, Ambiguous, which means- open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations. There is no clear cut demonstration of a platform that fits the Republican strategy as a whole. There is no one voice to clarify the unity of the party. From what I see, this will probably continue for many voting cycles to come. These guys are awfully arrogant for a party that has been in shambles for the better part of 16 years.

Let me make my position very clear, I vote for the best candidate for the job, whether local, statewide or a national office. When I served in the military I voted Republican for the most part because they made sure we had the best equipment, benefits and we received frequent raises. When I became a community advocate I tended to vote Democrat because they had a better grasp of what it took to improve inner city communities. Now you may have a different position about what I just stated and that’s fine, after all we are Americans and we have a right to voice our opinion. It seems these groups of candidates are afraid of public opinion or they don’t care to consider public opinion which Mr. Trump has become the poster child for this way of thinking.

I’m no political scientist, but my gosh, these folks need counseling. America is the great melting pot of cultures; at least we are supposed to be. Everyone has a right to be whom he or she chooses to be as long as you do not harm your neighbor in the process. I thought we all wanted the same things in life. Good neighborhoods to raise a family, great schools to send our kids to, a clean earth to leave to future generations, homeownership, world peace and everything else that’s good, pure and wholesome. That’s not true because of greed, violent nature and bigotry that some men want to hold as their virtues.

Vote for the best candidate and support their agenda and build a better America thus we build a better world community.

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