Why I Love California

I visited San Francisco for the first time in the mid 90′s. I was attending the annual SHRM-Society of Human Resource Management conference with my colleagues from iMinorities, Inc. We left New Orleans with the temperature at 108 with the heat index in early June which is typical for our part of the country. Well, I have traveled all over the country and no matter where you go it’s usually warm in June; not so in San Francisco. I did not bother to check the weather to pack accordingly and once we arrived in the BAY it was 55 degrees my friend. I knew I would live here someday on that first trip. It was not only the weather, I loved the people too. Every nation was represented in this part of the country and what separates the feel, vibe and cultural here is people live and work together for the most part. Seeing interracial couples and families are the norm here. In my experience in places like New York which is considered the melting pot of the world are people live in very segregated communities, Italians with other Italians, Chinese with other Chinese, and Blacks with other Blacks etc. Now the elite and very rich may live in common communities but not in middle class to poor communities.

California is the birthplace of modern innovation, the home of multiple sports franchises, the 7th largest economy in the world, the best weather in the States and I will stop there.

Enough of that rant, here are a few of the top reasons I Love California…

YosemiteSailingYosemite 2Family in YosemiteLakesWaterfalls

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