Be careful this flu season

Over 92,000 flu test have been administered already this season which is 2 xs higher than the yearly average. Flu is widespread in every state except California and Louisiana and only sporadic in Hawaii. I’m from Louisiana and now reside in California, so Louisianans and Californians are in my debt or servitude. Flu season usually runs from October to April each year which means these numbers will only increase setting national records by seasons end! Be especially careful in February as the second month of the year represents the peak month for the virus. Did you know over 20,000 people on average die from flu and pneumonia each year? That’s an alarming stat that deserves our attention and respect. Those who are most susceptible are our elders, people with asthma, diabetes, pregnant women, those with cancer and HIV, toddlers and those with heart disease. If you have any of these, fit into any of these categories or know someone who does, pay close attention and get the necessary medical treatment. It’s recommended that you wash your hands regularly, keep your hands out of your face, cough into your squeeze pocket or elbow, exercise, rest, stay home if you are sick so as not to spread the virus and get a flu shot each year. Be safe my friends and take the proper precautions.