“…Being a Minority Business Owner.”

“Let’s talk and be real about it….” Segment Title
“…Being a Minority Business Owner in 2010 and beyond.” Article Title
By: Devin Oten, President
DiversityMBA Magazine
What are the issues surrounding entrepreneurship and being a minority business owner?
1) You must differentiate yourself from the competition or you just look, sound and feel like everyone else.
2) “Where’s the beef?” If you remember the old Wendy’s commercial that asked this question it slaps of one thing, bring fullness/wholeness/completeness or stay out of the game.
3) Where will your support come from? What Industry or corporate brain trust can see and appreciate your value or contribution to not only Corporate America, but successful daily living.
I believe with my whole heart this country is the greatest nation ever! The greatest collection of individuals under one flag reside in the U.S.A. As we say in New Orleans, “Ya heard me”? I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and almost everyone I meet has respect and admiration for our great land. Are we perfect? No. Do we get it right all the time? No. Is life a utopia? Absolutely not. But, we love life, we support the less fortunate and we give tirelessly. What does this have to do with being a minority business owner? Everything my friend.
You look different from the moment you walk in the door. You sound different from the moment you open your mouth. We get a different feel or vibe while in your presence. Now you have to make it work for you on paper and among the nuts and bolts of getting down to business. Your operation must be efficient, operable, concise, excellent and trustworthy. Looking, sounding and feeling different may get you in the door, i.e. Supplier Diversity, but winning in the game of business requires the traditional parameters, hard work and integrity.
The days of fluff, pageantry and blowing smoke is over. Corporate America has a bottom line and its all dollars and cents. Can you help me make money, grow my business and make my brand the best in the market place? That frozen patty will not work; I need a fresh patty off the grill. Take the time and do the homework necessary to compete at an elite level. Education is never a bad idea. Networking is a must and good Mentorship never hurt anyone.
Corporate America, please look at our track record, motivation and quality. If it lines up with your vision, support our businesses with you dollars and your sense, not cents. For far too long we have been getting your cents or scraps and if we are truly to be competitive we need your dollars and sense. Sense equals=S-Strategic thinking, E-Eyes on the prize, N-Never discount our worth to your company, S-Stay until the job is finished and E-Equal Opportunity for all.