Education, Success and Failure

Is this really a debate at this point? The education questions that is, its significance, importance and validity when discussing success versus failure. The facts are indisputable, those who further their education will be more successful in a number of ways in life; money, perspective, health, spirituality and the like tend to be well rounded and enhanced with more exposure to information. In other words quality of life is enhanced significantly when we are able to tap into resources via education. Being in a place where you are able to share universal ideas, thoughts and processes enable us to give and receive more out of life. An informed opinion is created and implemented when education plays a core piece of the puzzle. The question for us parents is how we help fund continuing education for our children. It’s not easy but there are some options made available if we do our homework or research the avenues that may work for our individual circumstances. When I worked for Black Collegian Magazine back in the late 1990’s we published a pamphlet which list all the scholarship monies made available to students via grants from corporations, foundations and institutions. You do not have to be an excellent student with great grades or extremely high test scores to qualify either. If I can be of any assistance researching these options shoot an email to me and I will point you in the right direction. I encourage us all to continue our educational pursuits and bring someone else along for the ride.