Firefighting is Dangerous Enough, Right?

Civil Servants are the backbone to building good solid communities. We are all made safer with firefighters, police and many other civil servants on the job 24/7. You may forget to think about these types of servants because it’s not very flashy or sexy, but I was stirred by the story I read this morning in USA Today. Firefighters went in to save lives, put out a fire and serve their community. What happens next speaks to the cancer that is eating away the fabric of our great nation, gun violence! The president has sworn to implement change in our gun laws but we all know that this is a fight to the death. Like we have not had enough of those lately!!!! I can’t but be disturbed because it’s the Christian community that has waffled on this subject for years. Either God wants peace or he wants war and if He wants war it’s against his enemies’ not human creation which he created to love and nurture.