First Things First 4

There are several key points I would like to share about developing,
maintaining and completing your dreams. Any dream can
lose its relevance, sputter or even die before, during and after its
conception. Therefore, the fulfillment of a dream can take a lifetime,
or even generations. Be armed with the tools that will help
you lay the groundwork for a dream that will impact the world for
ages to come!
Do not forget these words of encouragement: Every dream
will hit a bump (or two) in the road. Never let these obstacles stop
you from attaining your goals. As a kid, I dreamed of leaving the
projects of New Orleans. I was well on my way once I joined the
Air Force, went to college and married my college sweetheart. (By
the way, I’m the third person in my immediate family to attend
college. My oldest brother and one of my maternal uncles also
graduated from college.) I hit a bump in the road when I lost my
first home and had a truck repossessed, but I persevered. Now my
credit score is in the high range, and since those early missteps,
I have purchased several automobiles and homes. The important
takeaway is to learn from your mistakes and have an unwavering
belief in your abilities. Never let opportunities for growth pass you
like a ship in the night, because most opportunities have a very
short shelf life.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist