First Things First

The very first key or step to building your dreams is to understand
this one concept: you must build your own dreams. No one
else is truly interested in building your dreams to your specifications.
If they are, they likely do not have a dream of their own.
How would that work? Someone without a dream teaching you
about figuring out and establishing your dream; would that be beneficial?
You wouldn’t let a broke person tell you how to gain and
keep wealth. (Right – you are broke and borrowing money from
me, but you have insight into how I may attain additional wealth?)
You wouldn’t let someone in a bad marriage give you advice about
your marriage. You get my drift? Learn from their mistakes, but
take their advice with a grain of salt. Your desire, ambition and
motivation are your responsibility to safeguard and nurture. Your
dream is, in fact, yours my friend.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist