Foothill College, I’m Impressed

I had the pleasure of speaking to some outstanding students at Foothill College on yesterday. I was impressed with the awareness each one had of his or her place in this world and how important their contribution will be. If you follow the media we tend to scream the sky is falling yet fail in some regards to highlight those young people who are striving for excellence. The administrators who assisted the students in organizing Black History Month celebrations and activities and those who attended my speech are to be commended. I witnessed the students respect for and admiration of these educators. I look forward to solidifying a strong relationship with this college and student body as we will help one another in redefining our voice in 2013. We engaged each other, referring to the students, on a deep and personal level. We were vulnerable, honest and candid with each other and I believe positive results will be the outcome of our encounter. Thanks for the love Foothill and may God continue to bless you all!