Get busy working on your Dream!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford
What are you working on right now? I know that’s a loaded question as most of us are working on several projects. Whether we are leading a project at work, in the community or at home it seems work has a mind of its own. But let’s start with the first thing that came to your mind when the question was posed. The answer gives us a clue into the commitment you have to your dream. If you are focused solely on work, church, family and whatever else comes to mind you are probably putting your dream on hold. If your answer focuses on steps to getting your LLC, Articles of Incorporation, joining a networking group you are probably in dream mode. Being in dream mode does not mean you have lost a commitment to family, church or work it simply means you have ordered your house to meet this objective, Building Your Dream.