How to reconcile Newtown, CT

Start paying attention people! Maybe, my view point is skewed because I have been trained or conditioned to pay attention to people and my surroundings. Let me clarify my position, I worked in the youth department for YMCA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was Area Director with oversight of two Boys & Girls Clubs in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been a youth pastor and volunteer within a number of non-profit organizations. It was my job to pay attention to every child, parent, surrounding community member and the staff to protect my children from others, themselves or inflicting harm against each other. We all live our lives according to a certain pattern. We speak to everyone and wish them a good day. We start the day off with coffee or watching the news. We work in the garden once a week or eat at our favorite restaurant on Thursday evening. Whatever it is we form habits or patterns. When you notice someone’s pattern is a bit off, you have permission to help and or assist someone to get back on track. Let’s all start to pay attention!