I Noticed Him

How does one notice God? God is everywhere. God is everything. I was speaking with my cousin Alecia recently, and in the course of the conversation, she said, “God will bring me to a land flowing with milk and honey.” She was referring to herself, but an explosion took place in my heart. God was saying to me in that statement, “I’m still here, ever-present and wanting to and in fact needing to bless you!”

I began to think of how He has led me, corrected me, supported me, and loved me throughout my lifetime! Why would I need to notice Him at this juncture in my life? Because I have gone about my daily rumblings and faintly remembering to acknowledge His Goodness. What a commentary this has become; I was His man, His trusted servant, His adopted son, but something happened to separate me to the point where I need to now Notice Him again.

I would pray every morning, and that prayer would go a little like this; “Father, I thank You that my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors, and my church walks in the redemptive work of Christ, Divine Healing, Divine Protection, Divine Deliverance, and Divine Prosperity.” I can remember appreciating the singing birds, the rivers near my home and office, and the awesomeness of knowing Him. There is a scripture in the Old Testament or Hebrew Canon that says, “The children of Israel knew His acts, but Moses knew His ways.” I dare you to find and meditate on that text! I knew Him. Most people know of Him, but bless The Lord, I knew Him! Wait, I know Him.

Do not overlook and neglect those gifts He has placed in your mist. The friends, family, significant other, job, home, transportation, education, etc., are all gifts He has given us, and there should be no need to Notice Him, for He should be central to our existence.
Love Ya,

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  1. Interesting word to define family, friends, transportation and education. Interesting because once those things are defined as gifts, there is an automatic sense of appreciation. None of it is possible without God. I know for sure I thank God daily for blessing me with my children. I am pretty sure I thanked Him when I was approved to purchase my car, my home. The question I have to ask myself is, did I truly stop and thank Him or did I say it out of religion, out of habit. Did I say it from the top of my head or from my inner spirit that knows the blessings of the Lord are truly GIFTS..

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