Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks

It has been seven years since Justice Thomas has spoken during an oral court argument. He has said he does not like oral arguments and that’s why he rarely speaks. It was the Sixth Amendment case Boyer v. Louisiana that broke this silence and it was a joke about which law school, Yale or Harvard one attorney attended. Of course, Justice Thomas is a Yale graduate and took a moment to humor those present with his gesture. It’s interesting that this made news as I assumed Justices would be very vocal about their astute opinion whether written or verbally. There is so much to learn about our law, its construct, interpretation and origin. I would propose we discover more about the law now and not after we find ourselves on the other side of the law. As a former pastor who had a prison ministry I was always amazed by the legal knowledge the inmates understood and its application. A few of them took classes while incarcerated and received paralegal status. Amazing! I can literally call some inmates with legal issues and they are qualified to give me legal counsel. These guys and gals can make oral court arguments all day and probably persuade an audience.