Key Steps to Building Your Dream 5

These are some of the stages you will encounter to truly develop,
implement and discover a worthwhile dream. Forces are at work to
discourage, derail and destroy the best of intentions. I can remember
an incident involving my cousin, who was also my church secretary.
She needed a job, so when my boss asked me if I knew some good
people we could hire at our company, I immediately thought of and
recommended my cousin. She did not have the requisite education
or skill set at the time, but was willing to learn, very dependable and
hard working. The company hired her, because I was its top producing
salesperson and had a good reputation. The rumblings began
soon thereafter. I warned her to be prepared, because she was now
embarking on a blessing just as Isaac experienced. Some managers
had a cause for dispute. Others had feelings of ill will and animosity.
Yet, when the smoke cleared, she had her own office space and coworkers
who grew to love and appreciate her gifts and talents.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist