Key Steps to Building Your Dream 6

When you pay yourself first, even in a bad economy, job market
or depression, you will maintain your lifestyle if you so choose.
Let me explain: if I lose my source of income or job today, I can
maintain my current lifestyle for at least a year or longer. Further,
I have learned how to extend my savings by selling my current
home and getting a smaller one. It amazes me to see people lose
their homes to foreclosures. If you pay yourself, you can survive
for some time and even downsize your home if need be. I hear the
complaints: “If the economy is bad, I will not be able to sell my
home.” Well, this is why you pay God first; He will send you a
buyer, because you put His purpose first. That car you can no longer
afford? He has a taker waiting to buy that vehicle. The school
will reduce your children’s tuition because God is involved in your
dream, because you put His purpose first.
“May He grant you according to your heart’s desire,
And fulfill all your purpose.” (Psalm 20:4)
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist