Key Steps to Building Your Dream 8

“26 Do not be one of those who shakes hands in a
pledge, One of those who is surety for debts; 27 If you
have nothing with which to pay, Why should he take
away your bed from under you?” (Proverbs 22:26-27)
I believe you should save some money every week. I hear you:
“I cannot save any money.” That’s not true, as most of us eat a fast
food meal each week that costs anywhere from $5 to $20. There’s
your savings, my friend. If you save $10 per week for three years,
you will have saved $1,560. That may not sound like much, but
when you need some cash, this will help ease the burden. (This
will lead us to another point later: you need an emergency fund.)
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single
step.” Lao-tzu, Chinese Philosopher
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist