Lessons from Lance Armstrong

Are there any new lessons or revelations to be discussed here? I’m not sure, but I’m very interested to see if this changes anything in modern day sports. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were not first ballot hall of famers, Lance Armstrong admits to doping, LSU lost the top recruit in the state of Louisiana to Alabama, again (I digress with the LSU vs. Bama comment)…. So much money is involved that integrity and character are after thoughts when it comes to competing, winning and being the absolute best at what you do. Most of us will never understand this mindset as very few of us is the very best at what we do. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Albert Einstein come to mind and how does it feel to be either of those people? What puzzles me is Barry, Roger and Lance was the best in their respective sport so what were they chasing? The G.O.A.T title, longevity, legacy or is it something I’m missing? Lance championed a great cause which is the hotly debated cancer issue and I hope this does not sidetrack all the good work he has done outside of bike racing. Can any of these guys rehabilitate their fallen images remains to be seen and as my good friend Leon Capers always says, “Hey good luck with that.”