Listen to the people who actually do the work

Something I learned many years ago is that people who have little to no involvement in your success always have an opinion about how you can do it better. Let the people who are in waist deep with you give you the advice to go to the next level. Get rid of the armchair quarterbacks talking in your ear. Listen to those
doing the work and those who have done the work in the past and genuinely care about your success. I remember some years ago a boss of mine asking me for my
opinion on a business matter. After our meeting, he said he appreciated my candor and honesty and that he would take it into consideration. The company then hired another guy with great credentials from another industry and followed his advice. He had not worked in our particular field, but came with great recommendations. Needless to say, his advice set the company back in the short run and cost us millions of dollars in the long run. One of our competitors
followed my input and surpassed us in the marketplace. I had a pastor who, over the years, chose not listen to my counsel, and I believe it has stunted the growth of his ministry. It also severed my tie to him, because I only go to people who celebrate me, not tolerate me – something I learned from Dr. Mike Murdock several years ago. Offer advice only to those who appreciate and respect your opinion. Listen to the people that actually do the work, my friend.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist