Make quality a top priority

Finally, we need to commit to putting out a quality product
or service. I recently spoke at a funeral service and noticed there
were cobwebs and dust above the pulpit. The glasses on the light
fixtures were broken. My initial reaction was to tell the deacon s
that this was unacceptable for a House of God, because quality
has to be presented by the people of God, no matter the cost.
But being a leader made me understand that people have to be
trained. The deacons needed to understand that light fixtures are
relatively easy to fix or replace and a quick dusting with a dus t
broom once a week should be sufficient. When I was pastoring,
I had two people in my church who shared my spirit about the
order of the house. They cleaned the church twice a week with
the idea that it was an honor and privilege to do so. Any business
that has my name on it must present itself as top quality, or I will
discontinue the service. Quality is my top priority in everything I
do, and it should be yours as well.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist