Man's best friend

A heartwarming story took place in Seneca, Missouri recently involving two close companions of 6 year old Ryle Smith. Ryle found himself lost in the woods near his home with temperatures in the 20 degree range. He became disoriented and confused as it grew dark. Fortunately for Ryle, Bella and Baxter were with him and would not leave his side. “I wasn’t scared, I was just really cold,” Ryle said from his home Saturday. “Bella was my guard dog and Baxter was next to me the whole time.” After a five-hour search for Ryle he was found in a ditch with his companions on top of him keeping him warm. Baxter is a large boxer that has been with the family for more than 10 years, while Bella, a mixed Labrador, was a recent addition to the family over Christmas. “They both were incredible in the way that they protected him,” Ryan Smith said. “They wouldn’t have left him for anything. You can’t ask for more in a dog than that.” What a wonderful story to close the day for me and I hope it warms your heart as well.