More shootings in America…

Eddie Jones III, 39, of Willingboro, Pennsylvania shot and injured 3 police officers. He was being detained for stalking an ex-girlfriend, overpowered Officer Ruth Burns inside the station and shot two other officers in Gloucester Township, a Philadelphia suburb, police said. Am I being a bit sensitive right now or is the country as outraged as myself? This has to stop! We have to do something about this, right? “Sgt. James Garber was shot multiple times and underwent emergency surgery for a gunshot wound to the abdomen; his life was saved by a bulletproof vest. He also suffered a graze wound to the head. Sgt. Kevin Thine suffered a laceration to his abdomen and a graze wound to the chin. Burns was shot in the foot.” Let’s pray for these officers and their families. Maybe we should take it a step further and pray that the gun laws change in this country. How about that?
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