Never judge a book by its cover, and yet always judge a book by its cover

There is more to everyone you meet than the eyeball test; yet
the eyeball test reveals much.
“The very look of Frederick Douglass was an irresistible
logic against the oppression of his race.” James Russell Lowell,
(I Was Born a Slave)
Everyone who saw and spoke with Frederick Douglass knew
he was a man with whom to contend. He looked the part and
walked the talk. I have met some folks who looked very unassuming
and not very bright, but when they opened their mouths,
wisdom, knowledge and understanding began to flow. I have also
met folks who look the part, yet the words they spoke left a lot to
be desired. If you trust your eyes and listen with your intellect, the
result will be the development of good, healthy relationships and
the quick elimination of unhealthy ones.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist