New Orleans, Corruption and Ray Nagin

As a pastor in New Orleans, Louisiana folks in my community would always recommend that I run for political office. I thought about it and figured I might be able to do some good and change the political landscape or culture of corrupt politics in the city and community I love. My pastor ran and was elected as State Representative for his district and I had the privilege of watching him maneuver through the landscape of state and local government. That experience taught me to stay as far away from any political office as humanly possible! Compromise is the operative word and as a pastor I felt we should never compromise for any reason. Well, several years later and another level of maturity have taught me to take some lumps and bumps but serve in any way possible. Does that mean I have aspirations of running for an office? No. But if you are going to be a solid politician you must compromise for the good of your constituents. Getting back to Nagin, I hope he is innocent and if not the question begs to be asked, why? He was a very successful business man in the city. Its highest official with numerous opportunities once he left office, so why is this kind of behavior so intoxicating. Power is one of the greatest drugs known to mankind and it will seduce the hell out of you, if you let it. I’m writing a book now entitled “It’s time to Lead NOT Follow” and some of the focus is dedicated to staying in the presence of character and integrity when you are in a leadership role. Have I missed the mark when it comes to character and integrity? Certainly! But if you are a public official paid to represent the people you have a greater responsibility to walk the straight and narrow. As I think about this I’m starting to feel concern for the current mayor Mitch Landrieu. Mitch, please avoid the pitfall associated with the state of Louisiana, the city of New Orleans, Politics and Corruption.