Save money wherever you can

Here are some tips for saving money that I gleaned from Dave
Ramsey’s book “Priceless.”
• If you save $100 per month for forty years at 12% interest, you
will end up with $1,188,242.
• Imagine if a 30-year-old couple funded a Roth IRA at $250
per month at 9% interest. At age 70 years old, they would have
• Imagine if the same couple made $40,000 per year and also
saved 15% in a 401(k) ($6,000/year, $500/month, at 12%
growth). At 70 years old, they would have at least $5,881,798 in
the 401(k). Total at retirement=$6,986,674
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist