Sex is a problem in our Military

I read an article from the Associated Press entitled, “Sex is a major factor in military commander firings”. Some may be shocked and appalled at this conduct among our rank and file but as a veteran of the U.S. Air Force I was exposed to this behavior in the military fresh out of high school. And even more pervasive was the use or misuse of drugs and alcohol among servicemen and women. The cultural was work hard and play just as hard if not harder. We would work 16 hour shifts and go out and party for a few ours and start another 16 hour shift. Of course I was young at the time and could handle the lack of sleep but I need to point out the fact that we were encourage to enjoy ourselves or should I say I was never discouraged not too. Please do not take this the wrong way; I’m not saying every single member of the military was in involved in sexually inappropriate behavior or indulging in drugs and alcohol. What I will say on the record is that this behavior is widespread. I love and commend the women and men who serve this country with their very lives yet acknowledge that additional training is needed.
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