Stretch – exceed your goals as often as you can

Why have I experienced such success over the years? One of the
answers is my desire to not only meet, but also exceed, my goals. I noticed
some people on my team only talked about reaching the monthly
sales goal to keep their jobs. My mentality was exceeding my monthly
goal, because I see myself as an achiever, not someone who does just
enough to get by. Besides, exceeding my goals allowed me to purchase
a new ring for my wife, enroll my kids in a better school or even buy
the car of my dreams. I wanted to win the weekly sales competition to
win a $200 Wal-Mart gift certificate. I wanted to have the top sales for
the quarter to win an all-expense-paid vacation. I wanted to win the annual
sales goal to earn the Presidents Club insignia and bonus. People
who want to do just enough to survive will be bitter toward those who
excel and break through barriers. I do not believe anyone can hold me
back with a glass ceiling. I was made by God to succeed! I was made in
His image after His likeness, so I’m destined to succeed.
“Never take a break from your success journey.
Success and achievement come only through
continuous work. The only place where success comes
before work is in the dictionary.” Herbert Harris, “The
Golden 12 Universal Rules for Achieving Success”
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist