Tips for Becoming an Executive Level Thinker

Here are some helpful tidbits I have learned from reading
books, journals, reports, manuals and writings that I believe will
help you become an executive level thinker.
Begin to implement The SQ3R Study Method, which comes
from Herbert Harris’ book “The Golden 12 Universal Rules
for Achieving Success.”
(S) Survey the material to be learned. Scan it in its entirety.
Note how the information is organized and its format. Pay attention
to the table of contents and chapter or topic headings.
(Q) After surveying the material, write down questions you
expect to be answered by the material. These questions represent
what you expect to learn.
(1R) Next, read the material thoroughly. Once you have completed
the material, determine if all your questions have been
answered. If not, why? If so, write the answers down.
(2R) Now, review the material thoroughly. Focus on your
notes and markings throughout the text. Make additional notes
if necessary. Review the important points and concentrate on
learning them.
(3R) Finally, test yourself. Recite orally what you have
learned from your studies. Anything you can’t recall during this
recitation exercise, you probably won’t be able to recall at a
later time.
I learned this method in college but did not have this formula
laid out in such a comprehensive manner. Boy does this
system work! Successful people normally live by a certain
formula for life or achievement. They run three miles every day
or ride a bike as often as possible. They eat breakfast at 6 a.m.
each morning. They check voice mail and emails every five
minutes. They seem to be in harmony with the cosmos. Learn to
live your life in balance and order with formulas that help you
achieve your goals. Math is a universal language that puts us all
on the same page. The SQ3R Study Method is an example of
utilizing formulas for success.
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist