Tips for Building Wealth 2

Get out of debt!
To me, debt means giving to the past and not to the future. I
remember being in college and taking my girlfriend to a fancy restaurant
for dinner. That dinner cost $100, and it took me an entire
year to pay it off. I paid over $50 in interest for that one meal. It
is ridiculous to pay interest on a meal for an entire year. Let’s get
deeper. When you give to selfish or lazy parents you are creating
debt, as your resources should be focused on your children. Sorry,
but giving to establish your children ensures the future of this
world. (There are exceptions to this rule.)
“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for
he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” (Romans 13:8)
(The word owe in the Greek means to be under obligation,
to fail in duty, be bound and be guilty)
“Anytime your output exceeds your input, your
upkeep will always be your downfall. So never spend
more than you take in.” Gregory B. Calhoun, CEO of
Calhoun Enterprises
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist