Weekly Schedule for my kids….

Schedule starting August 8, 2008:
Monday thru Thursday:
*30 minutes to eat/snack, computer/email and TV when you arrive home.
*2 hours or however long it takes for homework, study, review of notes or projects.
*1 hour to run, bike, play ball etc.
*Bath and in the bed with lights out by 10:00 pm
*Cell phones in my room by 9:00 pm
***Absolutely no guests or visitors during school week. Video games can be played on the weekend only. Bathtub is to be cleaned after every use!
*Free time if in good standing with house rules.
Saturday mornings:
*You will clean the house, your rooms and bedding.
*You will attend church.
Failure to comply with any of the stated schedule will result in removal of privileges! (i.e. cell phone, phone, TV, computer etc.)
**If you have a grade below C for Progress Report, Mid-Term or Final you will be grounded for remainder of semester!!!! (The only things you will be allowed to do are study and go to Baton Rouge)