What does the next Quarter of 2013 hold in store for you?

As I consider the direction of my business for the next quarter I have but one question, when will the economy show a strong bounce back or turnaround? Companies are still holding the purse strings very tightly and not much spending is in the offering right now. Washington, D.C. has not figured out its role in all of this and small to medium businesses are having an even tougher go of it. I think we should stay the course and not give up or give in as this season will change and the flowers will begin to bloom, birds will begin to sing and spring will bring about a sense of newness. Find networking groups that can help you connect with people that have a likeminded attitude. Stay on the cutting edge of innovation and better use the technology at your fingertips. Encourage your neighbor, friend, colleague and a stranger this week and see many smiles come your way in return. Change is on the way!