When $50 million is a bad thing

A petition to have Beyoncé disinvited from singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at President Barack Obama’s inauguration was discussed today. Was it because she dresses very seductive or flamboyant, maybe because her husband is considered arrogant and a street hustler turned millionaire businessman? No, no and no. Beyoncé is under contract for $50 million to endorse Pepsi products and of course Pepsi is responsible for obesity in this country and around the world. A couple of things jump out at me from this discussion, 1) Pepsi or any other soda brand forces no one to buy and consume their products and 2) I thought this was a free enterprise society and opportunities to earn income is the American way. Beyoncé seems to be in pretty good shape so maybe we need to ask her how to eat and exercise as opposed to which product she is pitching. If Beyoncé drinks Pepsi, I’m certain she hits the gym about as often as she drinks the sugary beverage.