Words to Live By 2

Be sure of yourself, be a leader, demonstrate
initiative, develop credibility and a well-rounded
skill set, encourage relationships that will assist you
on your career path and always be the person within
your sphere of influence thinking outside of the box.
Keep a record of all accomplishments. In fact,
it is a good idea to track failures as well. Both accounts
will make you wise and keep you grounded.
Learn to appreciate your worth to society, your
family, your country and your job. You have worth,
my friend, but you alone must determine that worth
through education, training and hard work.
Building a dream is directly related to a life dedicated to
hard work, self-discipline, creativity, goal setting and ambition.
Enjoy the journey – just make sure you arrive!
Devin Oten
DO Enterprises
Writer, Public Speaker and Philanthropist