Write down your vision

Devin Oten, Sr. 2011 Vision
Spiritual Things:
1. Acquire property for Church in NOLA
2. Establish Ministry in California
3. Growth as Elder in the Household of Faith
4. Growth of Church by 100 adults and 100 kids
5. Greater/New/Fresh Anointing
6. Missionary travel (India and Africa)
7. Family to become born again
8. Increase in missionary support financially and spiritually
9. Growth of church members in the Redemptive work of Christ (Divine healing, Divine protection, Divine prosperity, Divine deliverance)
10. Danielle, Leia and Devin Jr. Excel Spiritually (that they have a greater Love for the Lord and the things of God)
11. Multiple Properties and Vans for church outreaches
Natural Things:
1. Sell home here and Buy a new home in New Orleans and California/Build my Dream Home
2. Growth in investments such as kids mutual funds/Stock market investments/IRA
3. S500 Mercedes Benz/Full Size Pick Up Truck/Corvette
4. $250k net income/$3,500,000.00 net worth
5. Launch multiple businesses for myself and the church
6. Travel
7. Pay off debt such as House, Credit Cards etc…
8. Danielle, Leia and Devin Jr. Excel Academically, Athletically, Socially and Musically/Artistically
9. For myself to become a better son, brother and father
10. Buy 100 acres for development of strip malls, subdivisions, etc.
11. Debt Free
12. Launch and further establish 3D Lawn Care, 3D Real Estate Ventures and Global Diversity Connection