Your Season

The weather has been interesting here in Northern California over the last several weeks. It’s been cold, rainy, overcast, sunny, warm, comfortable and uncomfortable all in one day sometimes. Life has some of the same characteristics as the weather. Ocean currents, the earths position to the sun, moon light among a number of other factors determine how weather impacts us daily if not moment to moment. Think of your job as the ocean current, your spouse as the sun light and your children as the moon. Each one has a significant influence on how we feel and how we react to any given situation that may arise. The earth has been around for a very long time and has been influenced by these factors for thousands of years yet mother earth is still functioning and providing for us humans and all life forms. You can handle any obstacle thrown your way and what a wonderful job you do. You are an inspiration and light to us all so be encouraged to move forward with your head held high and your chest stuck out because “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”.